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I'm Mister Dizzy


I've started a collection of interesting old TXT files from 1980s and 1990s News Groups, BBS, and Usenet servers. Occasionally, something I wrote might end up in here too.


  • VOIDNet - An ongoing exercise in programming for the Web as a form of art. In HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Half-finished stories that need lots of editing. There's fantasy, there's sci-fi, and there's horrible nightmare fuel. Enjoy!

  • The Last Battle Wizard - In a land where magic users are hunted down and exterminated, a mysterious figure surveys the smoldering wreckage of a former settlement to search for the remains of an ancient order of Battle Wizards, a group which is now outlawed.
  • Humanism - Earth is being quietly invaded by aliens from another planet, but it is socially unacceptable to talk about, lest the speaker be labeled with the worst prejudice of all: Humanism.
  • VOIDNet - In the future, the Internet is old technology. Now, there's an unimaginably advanced new virtual space: VOIDNet.
  • Norvolk Chronicle - A collection of assembled sources pertaining to the people of Norvolk.
  • Pleasures of the Flesh [TRIGGER WARNING] - A man realizes a dark truth about himself that he cannot deny... or control.
  • The Touch [HORROR WARNING] - A man is horrified when something about him changes.


Sometimes, I make pixel art in MSPaint. I also make images in Gimp.


The Hávamál ("HAW-vuh-mawl") is a collection of old Norse poems, first passed as oral tradition and then finally written down in the middle ages. It is said to have been written by the Norse god of wisdom, magic, poetry, and war, Odin. It contains advice for living, guidelines on proper conduct as a host and as a guest, advice on women, and other ancient stories and wisdom.

  • Gestaþattr - Often called the "Havamal proper," this section contains much of the main body of the poem's wisdom.
  • Wifmann - Here, the poem gives some ancient and very direct advice on women. This is followed by a story about Odin and the daughter of Billingr, as well as the story of how Odin stole the Mead of Poetry.
  • Loddfafnismal - Another source of ancient wisdom and proverbs. This time, it is addressed directly to someone named Loddfáfnir.
  • Runatal - The story of how Odin obtained the knowledge of the runes by hanging from Yggdrasil, the world-tree, and sacrificing an eye.
  • Ljoðatal - Descriptions of a collection of charms and spells known by Odin.


Mister Dizzy

I'm Mister Dizzy, a grumpy old wizard living in my wizard's tower in Appalachia. I'm old enough to remember the real thing, the original, Web 1.0, for real. I was there, and on dialup. The Web raised me, got me through school, and became my career. I taught myself HTML quite young, and started building things in middle school. I helped dig the trenches in which we now sit.

I was born on the east coast, but I am a native of the Web.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript take up a majority of my brain bandwidth. Coding is a method of artistic expression that I love.

Messing with HTML on weekends had more effect on my life and career than 15 years of school. Might as well keep doing that. Join me, won't you?

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