What is this? Where am I? Who are you? What?

I'm Mister Dizzy. I'm an American web developer. This is where I dump my excess creativity in a giant pile and maybe try to organize it a little.

I code this site by hand in HTML 5, purely out of a love for the craft of website making, as it was taught to me by the GeoCities masters of old. I think of it as my wizard's tower, full of scrolls of my own making. Wizards are also very grumpy.


The Homepage contains the main menu and the Brain Feed. That's the microblog, where I regurgitate half-digested thoughts. You have to go there to get to anywhere else on the site. You're welcome.

The Blog is mostly complaining and loud soapboxing about things that make me angry. Such is the ancient custom of the World-Wide Web, and it's Logs.

Tech contains articles on coding, the Web, web development, and technology in general. I think about HTML and Javascript kind of a lot. I guess this section is basically just the Blog, but more techy.

Img is full of my original pixel art. I made it in MSPaint.

I also write Stories, but rarely finish them. I am not good at fiction.

I used to have links also, but every site I linked to quickly ceased to exist. Maybe it's best that I keep my grubby links off of the sites that I like, lest they disappear. Apparently, my cursed links kill websites.