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If your main criteria for making a choice is that the thing must me made by a certain type of person, whether that's of a certain race or a certain gender or whatever, that is the same thing as not having any criteria.

19 Nov 2020 1:35pm

From Frogesay:

When Pornhub is a better video host than YouTube, you know the state of technology is one stupid satire.

19 Nov 2020 12:45pm

Now that YouTube is going to start advertising on content even when the creator isn't monetizing the video, their algorithm will start to push demonetized videos in suggestions boxes and autoplays more and more, and creators' revenue will continue to go down and down while YouTube's revenue goes up and up.

19 Nov 2020 12:40pm

Every social network is a special, unique brand of personally-curated hell, just for you.

19 Nov 2020 11:22am

From Frogesay:

Funny enough, Nathan Poe popularised one of the most essential and enduring observations in all of Internet culture, and only got seven likes and a “winner” for his contribution. Damn. And all those tiddy artists I follow only get 30,000 likes.
There is no more culture. We live in a post-cultural age.

19 Nov 2020 10:32am

Go click LINX

19 Nov 2020 8:26am

Being a Hitler is bad. you shouldn't Hittle anything. Hitler, no Hittling!

19 Nov 2020 7:20am

Spyware Watchdog is good.

18 Nov 2020 6:00pm

Everybody at the pharmacy had a mask on, and nobody at the beer store had one. Which makes a lot of sense.

18 Nov 2020 5:45pm

New blob entry.

18 Nov 2020 3:30pm

You should read Frogesay.

18 Nov 2020 2:00pm

There's a STORIES section now

18 Nov 2020 12:30am

Omg, new img!

17 Nov 2020 2:45pm

The site is now in superior dark mode by default. The "lightswitch" above still works. And if you've been using light mode on this site already, it shouldn't go away in your browser.

17 Nov 2020 11:07am

I wrote a new thing over on teh blob about everyone being insane, and patriotism.

17 Nov 2020 9:45am

Just finished a full watch of Star Trek: TNG. It makes me nostalgic for the bygone time when humanity believed in the future. Heart emoji.

16 Nov 2020 7:55

New img

16 Nov 2020 5:07

The grey tagline above will randomize every time you reload the page. None of the other pages do it, though, just this one. Feel free to refresh the other pages over and over if you want, I can't stop you.

16 Nov 1:32pm

Note the "light switch" above if you're not a n00b and prefer dark mode. Setting is saved in your browser.

16 Nov 11:23am

I made a new img.

16 Nov 11:21am

Oney Plays is good (YouTube link)

16 Nov 10:52am

That song "gotta dance" except it's "not a chance"

16 Nov 2020 10:29am

It's not boring, it's minimalist.

16 Nov 2020 10:22am

That 80s song "we got the beat" except it's "we got the beer"

16 Nov 2020 10:16am