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25 Nov 7:01pm

I think it strikes the right balance between "micro" and "blog" this way.

25 Nov 7:00pm

Okay so, don't freak out, but I switched the Brain Feed time stamps from the bottom of each post to the top of each post. Are you mad?

25 Nov 2:18pm

I am currently enthralled by this website that contains all of the content from the Serial Experiements Lain PS1 game that nobody's ever played. I'm sure everybody on Neocities already knows about that, though.

24 Nov 4:50pm

Hey, Electronic Arts, I want something that plays exactly like Shadow of Mordor, but it's Star Wars, and you have a lightsaber, and literally anything else you do with it will be fine please thank you.

24 Nov 2:29pm

Two more chapters of VOIDNet are now up.

23 Nov 8:11pm

After the style change this page went from around .5k to just over .2 k. That's a fast load on just about anything. Every page on this site has similar download size savings.

23 Nov 1:12pm

Now, isn't that nicer looking? The background color is now #008080, the original Windows 95 default desktop color, which I always thought was a nice, soothing, calming shade.

23 Nov 2020 11:36am

VOIDNet is finally heating up. Starting to get to the good stuff.

23 Nov 2020 10:27am

Wisdom is hard when everyone is insane.

22 Nov 2020 11:17am

My grandparents' generation was the Captain America generation.

21 Nov 2020 3:10pm

What do you mean use less italics??

20 Nov 2020 12:26pm

Wrote a new Rambloid about my lovely amazing cripping inferiority issues.

20 Nov 2020 9:48am

Hey, there's a new tech blob entry re: a minimalist CSS framework that uses NO IDs or classes. Can you believe it? I didn't make it, but I sort of wish I had.

20 Nov 2020 8:35pm

The font has been changed from Georgia, which is a registered trademark of Microsoft, to PT Serif, which is more consistent and crafted. I'm pretty particular about typeface. Trust me, this is the best option.

20 Nov 2020 5:05pm

There's a short new rant on magic available.

20 Nov 2020 3:44pm

"Yeah, I'm a Rubby developer. Sigh, yeah, it's a programming language."

20 Nov 2020 3:44pm

If the Ruby language was called "Rubby," would you still like it?

20 Nov 2020 1:30pm

P.P.S: Upon further review, I realize the nurse and student are on earth still, not in space, but they're still in the future.

20 Nov 2020 10:04am

P.S.: The Space Cop story also has a space ER nurse and space student.

20 Nov 2020 10:04am

I've posted a new story about a space cop.

19 Nov 2020 6:48pm

From the Internet Archive's amazing page on Flash (RIP):

Macromedia was acquired by Adobe in 2005, who renamed Flash to Adobe Flash and began extensive upgrades and changes to the Flash environment. Flash became a near operating system in itself.
God damn it, Adobe.

19 Nov 2020 4:44pm

Stop asking me to sign in with Google.

19 Nov 2020 3:25pm

My generation was taught that life was this grand thing, but it turned out to be mostly ordinary people doing ordinary things, and now we are completely unfocused and ill-prepared grownups.

19 Nov 2020 2:50pm

You would be much happier and less anxious and depressed if you stopped abusing people online recreationally.

19 Nov 2020 2:25pm

Thanksgiving stuffing is just soggy bread.