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28 Dec 11:35am

Coming soon: Universal Basic Income. Not for any human(e) reason, but because soon we won't need to work or produce anything to create value. Soon, only compliance and consumption will be required of us, and the Great Machine will monetize our very gaze. The value we create will be a function of our consciousness itself, and our very attention will be (already is!) monetized.

14 Dec 9:00am

I don't know if there's a word for the world we're about to, and may already, live in. "Technocracy" is pretty close, I think.

11 Dec 8:08pm

I've set up a linux server at home which runs a small local gopher site (to keep track of my gopher links, mostly), and it gives me an excuse to journal. The things I do to trick myself into writing every day...

9 Dec 12:04pm

The Book of Revelations on the famous Four Horsemen of the apocalypse: "They were given power over a quarter of the earth to kill by war, famine, pestilence, and social media..."

9 Dec 11:30am

Ever wonder if there's more to life than insurance commercials?

7 Dec 11:12am

Movies are horrible, movie theaters are worse. Down with movie theaters, down with Hollywood, down with films.

5 Dec 10:02am

I highly recommend TextFiles.com if you enjoy poring over the arcane texts of the masters of old.

5 Dec 8:45am

Everything is a lie. Everything is a LARP. But human beings need that to function properly, so LARP away. You'd be surprised how well it works to keep you sane.

4 Dec 2:31pm

This kills the Google.

4 Dec 9:13am

I cannot recommend enough: A hard-boiled egg in instant ramen. It's almost like you're eating something that's real instead of cheap, fake, and instant.

1 Dec 4:23pm

This dank, mountainous, frigid land astride which I sit, at the very least, managed to wait until December to pile sky-ice everywhere.

30 Nov 7:09pm

Go outside and get to know your physical neighbors. Read a physical book because it's fun. Talk to your family. Be good to each other.

29 Nov 12:50pm

Have you heard of The SafeWeb? No, you haven't, because 1 gemlogger coined the term to outline a specific concept (not me this time). But, go read that!

30 Nov 2:14am

I got some off-brand wireless earbuds that we've taken to calling "air buds."

30 Nov 10:18am

Can you figure out where I got the body background-color? I will link to anyone who can figure out the reference. I guess, really, it could be one of two things.

29 Nov 12:50pm

Have you heard of The Un-Web?

28 Nov 8:20pm

Part of my weird new set of social-media-free habits has become translating foreign-language news. Something about the language barrier, filtered through a machine's translation, grants an interesting, valuable, unfamiliar perspective.

27 Nov 1:23pm

I have even further shrunken the already tiny download of this page, and all subsequent pages, by converting to entirely "web-safe fonts". That is to say, font-family: "Garamond", "Times New Roman", Times, serif;. It's gone from like 200kb to a little over 7.5kb which is really freaking tiny, especially in today's world of multiple-MB javascript apps.