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Archive 4.

19 Jan 11:38am

As divisive as he was, Trump never once had to worry about protecting himself from members of the US Military, and never questioned their willingness and ability to do their jobs. Biden's first act as commander-in-chief was to tell everyone he was afraid of his own troops.

6 Jan 11:48am

After a bugfix of mine got tested and pushed out to production, I thought it had caused another bug, but it had actually uncovered an undocumented change made by someone else. I love when shit isn't my problem.

5 Jan 9:00am

Yesterday I installed temperature sensor tools on my Linux server. This led me to find out that the processor was running at around 83C. If you don't know, that's really high. The default "critical" temp is 85C. So I blew out the processor fan & heat sink with a can of air, and the watch -n1 -d sensors command immediately showed a drop to around 35C. Moral of the story: Keep the dust out of your computer, or it will start to automatically slow itself down over time to keep from overheating (not to mention using extra power to keep the fans spinning high).

5 Jan 8:50am

Social media conditions you to be addicted to approval from others, and to keep you concerned with what other people will think of you.

5 Jan 8:35am

Sometimes, you don't have to keep thinking into the machine. Sometimes it's okay to stop thinking into the machine.

1 Jan 12:26pm

2021 will not be less "crazy" because the craziness is purposefully cultivated.