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24 Mar 8:20am

If the next Elder Scrolls game is called Redfall, the TES Renewal Project to rebuild Skyrim in Redfall's engine would be called Skyfall.

24 Mar 8:30am

Can't wait for Redwind

17 Mar 12:13pm

My article got censored on Hacker News. Guess I've really made it now.

15 Mar 10:53am

Remember the Macarena? Those lyrics on the hook were in spanish, and really fast.
I got curious and looked them up:

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena,
Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria y cosa buena,
Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena,
Hey Macarena. Ay!
Give to your body joy, Macarena,
Because your body is for giving joy and good things,
Give to your body joy, Macarena,
Hey Macarena. Oh!

18 Feb 6:10pm

Oh, yeah, it's no big deal, I just got published by the most popular publication on Medium dot com.

Honestly, if you guys hadn't given me the confidence in my writing enough to put this article together and submit it to HackerNews (by commenting on my stuff and being like "hey, where are you? you're pretty good!") this never would have happened. Thank for being a rad community, Neocitizens. Heart emoji.

17 Feb 1:00pm

What's with the trend of absolutely dead-silent ads on YouTube? It's really jarring.

15 Feb 11:18am

I wrote words about how big of a problem Reddit is, even compared to social media in general. You could read the words if you want to on the Blog.

15 Feb 9:45am

I'm back. Hi. Sorry to alarm you. I am still surprised every single time someone reads my words. Every single time. Thanks.