The True History of Vohdish and Tavi Peoples

by Sarthen Eorinel, chief researcher and master wizard of Elvish Studies at Southern Vohdish University

The most commonly-held belief as to the origins and history of Vohdish and Tavi peoples, well known to academics, is that the Vohdish people established their Kingdom long before Tavish peoples migrated from the Far-North, and that the two peoples have no relation. Both peoples hold it to be true that they arose independently as a creation of their respective ancestor-gods, Vohd and Tavi. While this belief is widely held as truth, I contend that the reason for such fervency is the religious element to the tales. This hereditary mythology, that the races of Men are descended from ancient warrior-gods, must be challenged if the academia of Men is to be taken seriously as an institution that seeks the truths of this plane. As a Matran elf, I take it upon myself to open the dialog on this matter, and I encourage my fellow Elves, and the wisest and most truthful and willing men among my colleagues, to aid in my research as well. Together, we may fulfill the stated purpose of this institution by discovering hitherto unknown truths about our existence and history.

The traditional heritage of the Matran people in the South is similar to that told of Men. Elves, with our superior grasp of arcane energies beyond the reach of Men, believe that we descended from Matra, the god of magic and the sun, who made himself a wife out of the magical energies radiating out of the sunlight, inseminated her, and thus divinely created our ancestors. The form of the ancestral creation mythologies of Men take a roughly similar form, though details, of course, differ.

My contention is this: Men, being of different body, mind, and spirit than elves, cannot have descended from the divine. Rather, due to their propensity to fight with one another, form splinter groups, become animalistic with rage and bloodlust, and live in general disharmony with this plane (in addition to their absence of innate magical talent), I believe that Men, rather than descending from above, must have ascended from beasts.

When I use the term "beasts," understand I do not refer to the Snow Beasts of the Far-North. They, rather, are descended from a group of ancient Matran Elves who were led astray, and took a dark pilgrimage to the north, where the harsh land required them to utilize the powers of their lord Yolkan, who could not create life, but corrupted the creation of Matra, thus creating the abominations, the Snow Orcs, that the Tavi Men fled when they first returned from across the sea in the North (See my dissertation entitled "A History of the Snow Orcs of the North" for more information on the Yolkan beast folk).

Instead, I am referring to the beasts of the land. Men may have, through the movement of natural or magical energies, or perhaps by the meddling of a being from a higher plane, arisen as sentient life forms from lesser, more bestial life forms.

Men, as beings of a lesser sort than elves, must have ascended from below, rather than descended from above. It is, therefor, their birthright as ascended and wizened beasts to inherit this plane and build great kingdoms thereupon, as is their way, just as it is the birthright of elves to ascend once again, and return to the divinity whence we came.