A Response to: The True History of Vohdish and Tavi Peoples

by Marcius Merys, Professor Emeritus of Southern Vodish University

The unfortunate desperation with which my former colleague spins his tale in an effort to place himself and his kin unto a status above men is most unfortunate. The attitudes of the haughty Matran Elves of the Far-South are often thus, as they believe themselves to be divine beings with the temporary embarrassment of having been bound to a mortal body on this lowly plane. It is no wonder, then, that the more extreme and vicious among them wish, not merely to ascend from the mortal plane, but to utterly obliterate the mortal plane and all of its inhabitants, so that they and all their brother elves may ascend to their rightful place among the stars and heavenly bodies once more.

This is the sort of talk that creates and perpetuates dark wizard clans, a phenomenon which, until recently, was a wholly Matran one. Even now, ten years after the administrative change was made, it saddens me that, in our own university, the study of black magic is now permitted. The young human students who spend the time necessary to study Wizardry and harness the magical energies that do not come so naturally to men as they do to elves (Master Eorinel's claim that men are magicless is, of course, blatantly false), now find themselves seduced toward false promises of greater power and easier control (promises which, they will be disappointed to find, are false). The true goal of luring men and elves toward dark magic is the destabilization of the delicate magical energies of this plane, with the goal of a complete rending of the veil, and the subsequent destruction of the mortal plane.

This would be a catastrophic occurrence, of course, and would result in the death of all life on the moral plane. The Matran Elves, though, in their infinite wisdom, see the obliteration of men and elves as a desirable goal. They are taught from a young age that, were this to happen, they would survive to ascend to the heavens and continue their existence among the gods, while men would fall to the Void with the beasts of this plane. This is the hidden message in the seemingly congratulatory notion that "[men's] birthright as ascended and wizened beasts [is] to inherit this plane". What my colleague means in truth (though he may not publicly admit as much), is that it is the birthright of men to be obliterated along with their ancestor-gods (who he stops just short of referring to as fanciful tales spun by envious men to liken themselves to elves) when the Matran elves succeed in destabilizing and destroying this plane entirely.

Do not be seduced by promises of power, students of magic. Black magic is still black. It is as black as the Void to which it leads, no matter what the Matran-run administration may allow in study.