A Note on Human Primacy and Attitudes Toward Elves in the Study of Magic

by Sarthen Eorinel, chief researcher and master wizard of Southern Vohdish University, in response to Marcius Merys, Professor Emeritus

I am shocked, offended, and disappointed by my former colleague's accusations in regards to my desire to see magic studied holistically, as a full discipline and craft, rather than a strictly regulated and firmly delineated set of rules which only serve to slow magical advancement.

The idea that the understanding and use of magic by mortals, of any race, can "destabilize" and "destroy" the mortal plane is laughable. The most powerful Matran wizards, even those of darkest and most destructive intent, have never been able to so much as glimpse beyond the veil, let alone endanger the mortal plane. To do so is quite outside the capability of any mortal. You of all men, Marcius, should know that our current understanding of magic says, quite firmly, that piercing the veil or rending the structure of the mortal plane is quite impossible.

The vicious and seething notion that elves wish for the destruction of men is not a new one. The prevailing notions of the old University from your day, Professor, are gone. I do not know how you voted when the decision was made to allow Elves to study at Vohdish Universities, but there are many elves in the student body, now. This is something with which the aged and graying men among us must learn to cope. Attitudes toward responsible magical study have changed, and it is to the benefit of all who study and use magic that there is a more open and free attitude toward these things.

Worse is the conspiratorial idea that Matrans somehow run the administrative decision-making process of the University, despite the fact that they make up far less than a majority of voting members, and only a single member of the University's Council of Wizards. This very conspiracy theory, that elves would attempt to underhandedly control the administration, was used to suppress the voice of Matrans for years after they were allowed into Universities. It saddens me to see such a respected man sink to such depths.

I understand that a man of your age may yet retain the old mistrust, or even common hatred, of elves, but your backward generation and its wishes for human primacy are no longer relevant.