A response to: A note on human primacy...

Editor's note: This private correspondence written by former Professor Marcius Merys to his former colleague, Master Sarthen Eorinel, was intended as a response to Master Eorinel's harsh criticism of Merys , including his accusations of human primacy on Merys' part. It is clear that Merys was quite upset by Master Eorinel's public calling-out, and, since this letter was not written in order to be published, he allows himself to respond more freely. Supporters and friends of the Professor say he was merely venting his frustration, but there are those who say the removal of his official recognition as Professor Emeritus was justified after Master Eorinel brought the contents of this letter to the attention of the University, particularly his use of the old anti-Elvish slogan and battle cry, "Stand down, elf".


What do you think you are doing? You've worked alongside me for decades. We didn't always see eye-to-eye, but this sort of underhandedness is a new low, even for you. Even for an elf.

Your use of the catch-all words, "shocked, offended, and disappointed" to stop the conversation is quite telling. These tactics of feigning a wound are often used by those who know they have been exposed and wish to hush their opponent.

Your typical response that mere mortals could never possibly pierce the veil or cause damage to the mortal plane is completely expected. You failed to mention, however, that the most extreme among your kin from the South do not wish for "any mortal" to utilize the destructive powers of dark magic. They wish for ALL magic-using mortals to channel the sustaining energies that strengthen the veil and maintain the integrity of this plane, such that they will be drained and lessened to such an extend that the complete rending of our plane becomes a trivial matter for a powerful Matran Wizard, or a group of them, such as the Southern Council of Matras. You have some friends on that council, don't you?

I don't wish to entertain your scoffing implication that there is no such thing as Elvish Apocalypticism. You know the Southern Council has a history of this sort of extremism. It was only after being discovered by the Vohdish council at the time, during the Matran inquisitions, that their previous attempt to utilize powerful artifacts to strengthen their own command of the veil and rend the mortal plane was thwarted. You don't espouse such narcissistic anti-human views, do you?

Your sick attempt at minimizing the contributions of myself and my contemporaries at the University will not stand. We built, with our ink and parchments, the entire magical system upon which your kind, in your shadowy manipulation of the Wizards Council, now erect your perverse and twisted "holistic" study.

And do not attempt to say that Matrans are under-represented any longer. Despite the fact that the University is less than two percent Matran, all of the Chief Councilor's advisors are Matran. Yes, only a single Matran figurehead sits officially on the Council itself, but you know as well as I that the Chief Councilor looks first to his advisors for assistance on day-to-day decisions. In this way Matrans have massive sway over the University, and in a way that is invisible to the average student or wizard. When offered places on the Council, Matran leaders and advisors repeatedly turn the positions down in favor of remaining in less visible (but no less influential) places of power.

I resent the attempt to destroy my credibility. Your "note" on "human primacy" would be laughable if it wasn't so sinister. You deliberately misrepresented my research, my history, and worst of all, the facts surrounding the Council, the representation of your own kind, and the supposed abusiveness of your mythological "human primacy." If an elf says it, it's standing up for his own kin. If a human says it, it's "primacy," right? Shame on you!

I will not be shouted down by a cynical, disingenuous, opportunistic elf in his attempt to destroy me and all that I have worked toward for the University, let alone the jeopardizing of the very plane itself.

Stand down, elf. You will not win your battle against man.

Marcius Merys