The Council For Human Preservation

Editor's note: After his expulsion from the Southern Vohdish University, former professor and human primacist Marcius Merys garnered support among young Vohdish students and wizards, and drafted this letter to the University, declaring his new group's grievances.

We, the undersigned, the Council For Human Preservation, declare ourselves to be opposed to the destruction of humanity, the piercing of the veil, and the rending of the mortal plane. We reject any and all attempts by any magic-user of any race to attempt to accomplish these things, and we refuse to aid any attempt to do so.

Furthermore, we reject the notion that the right of self-preservation for ourselves and our kin represents a form of primacy, or that it is a dangerous or destructive mindset. While it may be true that some practicing human wizards at the time of Elvish integration into Vohdish universities rejected the idea that they would be practicing among elves, the subsequent generations of men were wholly prepared to welcome elves into their ranks and expand their magical knowledge together. In response, men were met with hostility and hatred from their new elvish colleagues and classmates. A disproportionately large number of Elvish advocacy groups were formed at the University. Many campus groups of freely associating humans were abolished by the administration as "primacist." Human kind was vilified and officially blamed for various mistakes and atrocities of the past, including some historically questionable accusations.

As such, The Council For Human Preservation declares that men will not fall easily. Humans will not stand and watch as elves manipulate human leadership, corrupt human youth, and manipulate human society toward a plan of magical corruption and planar destruction.

Sincerely, the undersigned.