Zero: Commercial.

On the screen was the logo of the VOIDNet Foundation. Music played in the background as it spun and animated. It faded to show an interview-style shot of a young man in his late twenties looking slightly off camera.

"I'll never forget the first time I connected to the VOID," the young man's eyes drifted into the distance. "It felt like... I had finally found my home. Connecting to VOIDNet had been a big step for me, to be honest. I wasn't sure what to expect. I guess I expected it to feel like being plugged in, like I was losing some part of my autonomy or individuality. On the contrary, it felt like... evolving."

"The first time I connected up, after I figured everything out and really decided to dive into the direct interface, it felt like I had..." the young woman paused, searching for the words, "...discovered a new appendage. It was like I was moving a muscle for the first time in years. And once I was stretched and warmed up, I wondered why I ever worried about it."

"It was definitely not what I expected at all," the young and dark-skinned man smiled, "but it was, somehow, so natural and intuitive to work the new user interface and really, kind of, find your new senses, you know? It's like an augmented reality device, but way better."

The first young man was on screen again, "The best part was the sensory control options they have. Like, if I'm 'plugging in' to VOIDNet, why not 'unplug' from my body while it rests, right? And that's why I say it felt like home, because I always wished that my body's need for sleep..." he paused, looking as though he felt foolish for saying it in this way, and gave a slight chuckle, "...it was almost like my mind wished it could keep going while my body rested, right? Like, the human mind is... too vast for its physical limitations..."

Now on the screen was an awkward man with a flat, boyish face, curly hair, and a slightly high-pitched, nasal voice. He launched into a well-rehearsed presentation, "That is exactly why I created this technology. If the mind is too vast for the body, why not simply expand the scope of what we consider... human? Hi, I'm Animus Potestas, President of the VOIDNet Foundation. Once you've been enhanced by our neural-linking technology, you are free to explore your VOIDNet interface as you would with any new device. Many people start with simple augmentations, like HUD notes on certain objects in their environment, or small reminders to themselves. I think of it as upgrading my own memory. I use it to take notes on my day. Like right now," the camera showed a close shot of his fingers twitching and tapping on the table in front of him as he controlled his personal interface. The pale gray-white node attached to his left temple blinked, "I can check my schedule, and mark when I've finished recording this content for the day, or send an aSync message to my wife." His eyes were faded up and into the distance. His temple indicator lit up, and he pressed his finger to it and spoke, "On the way home soon. Should I pick up anything?" He tapped his temple twice. "There, sent."

He turned to a new camera angle and forced a smiled as he spoke. "Try the Vast Open International Data Network today, and unlock your mind's full potential."

His visage faded out, giving way again to the VoidNET Foundation logo.